Fruitful networking or How to get necessary business connections

I’d hate to start this essay with something as trivia as “Connections rule the world”, what with all papers on networking beginning like this. Nevertheless, “banal” not necessarily means “wrong”. Let’s think, what is Networking? It’s establishing business (and other) contacts, creating the Net useful for your business connections. The goal of all these is to make a mutually beneficial collaboration with various professionals, which would secure the future success of the project in question. The philosophy of networking is old as world and actually very simple, it goes somewhere in the lines of “ Roll my log, and I’ll roll yours”. It works well both in business and everyday life. For instance, your dog is sick and there is no vet around, but it’s no problem, is it? Because you just need to phone your friend, whose sister is married to a veterinarian, or your schoolmate, who happens to be a great cat-lover, and look – doctor Doolittle is on his way already! And just like that you’ll get help everywhere, granted you are reciprocating and always ready to return a favor. It’s all the same in business, especially when you got some carefully chosen contacts for all occasions, and, which is the most important thing, when they trust you.

How to build business relations correctly and how to create your own network of contacts? – Everybody and their uncle have written about it: there are trainings on effective networking, on abilities to make friends with useful people; some “experts” are giving endless advises on 1000 and 1 way to endear some serious investors or big-business-representatives and so on. And it all would be all right, but there is a thing: to create a network like this in real world you’ll need a few years at least.

We offer a couple of efficient ways to shorten this period and grow all necessary connections as fast as possible:

  • Coworking

We’ve already written what is coworking and how to use it; but today we’ll talk about benefits of using coworkings to create an efficient business-contacts net, which is so vital for business development , especially for beginners.

Statistics tell us that 91% of coworkers grew more sociable and self-confident all thanks to sharing an office with other entrepreneurs and start –uppers. It’s a lot easier to start creating business relations and find colleagues with the same views as yourself, while working together in the same place! And to combine your efforts with those of various specialists is essential for your project’s progress as well as for the development for the whole business. There are all sorts of events, handled by coworkings usually: trainings, brainstorms, workshops and so on. All of them are assisting to adjust communication between members of the coworking, to appease the process of making new useful acquaintances as well as initiating the exchange of opinions and sharing of knowledge, which leads to establishing business contacts - a fundament for future joint work for new achievements.

  • The Business Club

It seems for me an optimum solution for those who want to have a large list of all types of connections, and to use the fellow businessmen’s connections to achieve their own goals, as these sorts of clubs usually have conjoint databases accessible for all club-members.

Our business-club in Barcelona is a branch of the Russian business-club called “Delovar”, which has its representatives in Russia, Ucraine, Belorussia, Chech Republic and Spain. It offers its members a really effective networking providing a wide web of business-contacts into their usage. That includes a possibility of an instant communication with all other club-members in order to consult, and also solving all average problems, that may arise in one’s business.

Moreover, every Delovar club-member is able to call forth a brainstorming session to discuss his project.

Full information on Delovar Club and terms of membership you may find here: “How to join Russian-Spanish business Club Delovar in Barcelona” or phone “----” to get informed about coworking offices and Business Club.

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